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The purpose of this website is to bring together strands of information about these remarkable motorcycles.The website is set in the present tense and is interested in Mkviii's now. I have resisted the temptation to post archive photographs and reprints of old articles as I feel that these are well catered for elsewhere.

Though very beautiful, Mkviii's are robust and functional machines, designed to win races. A Mkviii is a joy to own and special to ride.

Cadwell Park - Coppice 2005                                             Z-Z race in Holland June 2006


In 2009, I bought a cache of OHC Velocette parts, mostly Mkii KSS but including the substantial remains of a 1939 Mkviii KTT. it is quite an interesting story and I have established who the bike's original owner was and almost the complete history of ownership since. I plan to tell the story on the website shortly. Amongst the spares there was also a 'works' DOHC cylinder head and a Beasley cam box. I am building this into a complete engine and installing it into a Beasley frame. I will publish the story with some interesting photographs presently.


October 2006 - I have started a series of technical articles that I hope will build into a manual. The first is in respect of rebuilding the 'bottom end' .

November 2006 - I have added an article on flywheels.

November 2006 - I have added an article on meshing the bottom bevels.

December 2006 - 20th - article on cylinder head published.

February - 2007 - 12th - article on piston, cylinder and vertical drive shaft assembly published.

July - 2012 - 09th - article on valve iming from scratch published.

This concludes the series of technical articles on the re-building of a Mkviii KTT engine.

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