Spares for the MkVIII KTT

June 2006 - I am now trying to get useful information onto this page and will be updating as regularly as I can. More to follow. I am adding dates so that it is apparrent when updates are being made.

If you have made a batch of something and want to sell some, then this might be the place for it. Equally, if you are contemplating doing so, a note posted here could show how much interest there is or that someone else is already making it.

For my part, I have a history of the manufacture of high quality sheetmetal parts for vintage British motorcycles. Though I have given up the general production of these parts I had expected to be able to offer some of the sheetmetal parts for Mkviii's. I have made some parts successfully but have been too busy working on the bikes to embark upon further production.  The bikes seem to have reached a point where they don't require so much attention, so I hope to start making parts soon.

Oil Tanks, Clutch and brake lever blades in aluminum, Gear lever c/w pivot, Primary chain guards Engine plates and Megaphones are all possible.

I am considering having a batch of the fine bevel gears made - in pairs, upper and lower.

I have devised a solution for a replacement for the Dowty Oleopneumatic rear suspension units and they are successfully in use on my bikes. It involves fitting a standard 'coil over oil' rear unit within replica tops and bottoms. I could put a pair together for someone if they wished me to.

Events have overtaken me in that Maxtons have also made some rear units. They do not pretend to be replicas but are are more advanced in having adjustable pre-load and adjustable damping. They can be made to look respectable by fitting rubber gaiters.

June 2006

Main bearings are available from the Vintage Bearing Company. They buy old stock good quality 3\4" roller bearings, grind the inners to 22mm taper bore, reduce the width to 17mm and grind the outer races to 50mm diameter. The dimensions are exact.

Because the original bearings are 2" outside diameter, they can also be supplied oversize to redeem the fit on worn crankcases

Contact : Philip Hayward - PO Box 16, Hatton, Derby,DE65 6ZQ, England. 'Phone 0793 9005739

Websire :

June 2006

All matters concerning flywheels can be resolved by Max Nightingale of Alpha Bearings Ltd. I have been working with Max to deal with the issues surrounding Mkviii flywheels.

He is now producing big end assemblies of the original type, ie. with two-piece crankpins (hardened race on a tough pin)

He is also producing new mainshafts from original drawings that I have supplied.

Mki Flywheels can easily be converted to Mkviii, using the bigger crankpin.

We have also developed a new style mainshaft. This is 25mm diameter where it fits into the flywheels and projects outwards at the same diameter for the width of the bearing. There is also a flange on the inner end that locates in a counterbore in the flywheel. The purpose is threefold. The larger diameter makes the recovery of old worn flwheels easier, the shafts are stiffer and they also permit a standard bearing to be used - cheap and available. The bearing is a NF205ETN and will only require the outer to be reduced in diameter from 50.8 mm to 50 mm. (or left oversize if the crankcases are worn) They have a duty rating three times that of the original bearing. Max is prepared to supply the bearings and grind the outers to size.

I am using a flywheel assembly to this specification in KTT966

I have also had complete flywheels and mainshafts made for the Beasley engine. The flywheels are full circular and we decided to use a fully pressed up crankpin, basically a smaller version of a Venom pin. Because of the 34mm crank throw, we decided to use standard mainshafts.

Contact : Max Nightingale : Alpha Bearings Ltd, Kingsley Street, Netherton, Dudley, West midlands, England.

'Phone : 01384 255152. Website :


The Velocette Owners Club has a spares scheme that specialises in 'hard to get' parts - often for pre-war machines.
The Spares Secretary is Jim Gould. Write to him c/o Veloce Spares limited, The Old Chapel, Huncote, Leicestershire, LE9 3AD. Fax 0116-2752203.

Clearly there are very few parts listed specifically for MkVIII's, but I located some useful parts where they are also used on other models. eg on a MkII KSS. (rocker spindle locknuts, magneto drive sprockets and chain,clutch parts,gearbox level plug etc) You have to be a club member to use the scheme and a printed list is available at £1.00 in the UK (send large SAE and £1.00 in stamps). For Europe the cost is £1.75, and the rest of the world £2.75 (please use credit card)