Spares for the MkVIII KTT - Page 2

August 2006 The parts shown below have been commissioned by myself and have recently been completed. They are in stock for immediate despatch.

August 2006  Coarse lower bevel gears made to the original specifications from 'works' drawings. £100.00 per pair, plus postage and packaging. Coarse bevels were only used on the Mkviii KTT's and are more robust than the fine type. They could be used on other OHC models but a good deal of material would need to be removed from the face ot the bush in the bevel housing.

August 2006   Complete engine shock absorber assemblies (seven pieces) made to the original specifications from 'works' drawings. For taper fitment onto the mainshaft, these fit all OHC Velocettes, except the Mkii KSS, which has a splined mainshaft. The complete units shown here are £140.00, plus postage and packaging.


September 2006 Andy Goodwin and I are looking at co-operating to have new oil pumps manufactured. The project is at an early stage and I will post ammendments as the job develops.




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