There are some good books out there!  None of them is dedicated to Mkviii's but some of them have very interesting and informative sections.

Velocette - Technical Excellence Exemplified

by Ivan Rhodes
published by Osprey ISBN 0-85045-717-3

This book probably carries the greatest amount of technical detail and is written by the man who almost certainly knows more about MkVIII's than anybody else. Ivan's book conveys his deep appreciation of the Goodman family's achievments - his love of the machines shows in his language. For the MkVIII enthusiast there is plenty to learn and the book offers the benefit of production figures. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and can can reccommend it to anyone who has not already done so.

The Velocette Saga - The story of a great motorcycle
by C.E."Titch" Allen
published by Amulree ISBN 0-9521126-2-0

This book is a delight to read - I remember reading fragments in Motorcycle Sport some years ago so it is good to have it all between two covers. I enjoyed the warmth of the book which gives so much background information and anecdote to make the story so human. Not short in technical detail but I felt that the major strength of the book lies in the very balanced view that Titch takes - particularly so in the chapter on LE's. Like many other enthusiasts, I take the view that they were an unmitigated disaster. Their failure brought Veloce to its knees economically and if they had been a success, Veloce would have turned its back on all that had made them great - Titch's chapter is more philosophical than that ! Lots of good stories about racing and those who raced KTT's. Titch writes very good English.

Always in the Picture
by Bob Burgess & Jeff Clew

Published by Haynes ISBN 0 85429 266 7

Before Ivan's new book and 'The Velocette Saga' being collected into book form, I had always regarded this book as the best of the Velocette books. It is some years since I read it and as I cannot now find it, i have presumably lent it to someone who hasn't returned it! I believe that it is currently out of print but will buy a copy as soon as I am able.

My Velocette Days
by Len Moseley

I have this book but it is some years since I read it. A personal account of his working days at Veloce giving background information but, as I remember it, not too much for those seeking technical information.

Velocette - A list of models
by Dave Masters

Velocette 1905-1971 An illustrated reference
by Dave Masters

Velocette Development History
by Rod Burris

British Racing Motorcycles
by Mick Walker
published by Redline Books ISBN 0-9531311-0-6

Famous for his previous well researched and well written books upon his clear speciality - Italian bikes, Mick has written this as part of his latest trilogy - German, Italian and British racing motorcycles. There is a 9 page section devoted to Velocettes which is competent but not adding much in the way of fresh material. It contains a few factual errors but has some nice photographs.

British 250cc Racing Motorcycles
1946-1959 : an era of ingenious innovation
by Chris Pereira
Published by Veloce publishing ISBN1-904788-12-2

This book is dedicated to the ingenious men who built specials to meet the need for competitive racing 250cc motorcycles which was not being met by the manufacturers. Many of the machines are centred upon larger engines that were bored and \ or stroked to reduce their capacity. Mkviii engines were used by Doug Beasley, Ron Mead, Geoff Monty, Benny Rood, Reg Dearden and Ray Cowles, amongst others. Chris used to work for Arthur Taylor, is very keen on the subject and has written a very readable book. It does not dwell on technical detail but has plenty of excellent photographs.


Tuning for Speed

by Phil Irving

published by Turton and Armstrong ISBN 0 908031 297

The  definitive handbook of engine preparation, now in its sixth edition. I have re-read this book and it really does provide the answers for those who are seeking to improve performance. Good practice for engine assembly well defined . Much space given to improving the performance of  the unlikely sort of prospects that have been beating geniune racing bikes in vintage racing for the past twenty years.

Phil Irving - An Autobiography , also published by Turton and Armstrong ISBN  0 908031 491 is a very readable account of this remarkable man's life and achievements.


Velocette A development of the MSS, Venom,Viper,Thruxton and scrambler models

by Rod Burris

Published ny Haynes ISBN 0 85429 283 7

Velocette Motorcycles MSS to Thruxton

by Rod Burris

Published by Veloce Publishing ISBN 1-901295-78-8

Velocette since 1950   The big singles

by Steve Wilson

Published by Panther Publishing ISBN 09535098 8 5




by Rod Burris