History of my machines

I own two MkVIII's, one is a 1939 model engine No.KTT 842 frame number SF200. The factory records indicate that engine KTT842 was not allocated to a frame. KTT's 841 and 843 went to Denmark, so perhaps it was a spare and only later built into a frame. Many parts of the machine are genuine but there are also some replica parts. I have added to this by making replica parts to make it more like original ( such as valanced rear mudguard, rear suspension units, control levers etc).
M y other is a 1949 machine, engine No. KTT 966 and frame No. SF198. This bike has numbers matching the factory records and after much work is now a very good bike.
I know hardly anything about the history of either of these bikes, so if anyone out there has any information, I would be delighted to know of it.
I also have a Beasley 250cc KTT special, built in 1953. The bored and stroked Mkviii engine (68 x 68) is built into Beasley's own duplex frame and uses Velocette gearbox,clutch,hubs and telescopic forks (reversed bottom sliders). I have no history for this bike but it must have been made specifically for someone, usually a 'known' rider. There are photo's on the Specials page.
My most recently purchased KTT is a 1929 Mki, number KTT117. This has now deviated a little from original in that it has a four speed close ratio gearbox, tachometer and TT carburettor. The ML magneto has been replaced with a BTH but I'm hoping to have an ML soon.

Your machines

Similarly, if you own a KTT and are prepared to give a history of your machine, this is the place for it. I would be happy to put a photo on the Gallery page.
Alternatively, as an ex-owner you may have information which might help me know which bikes have survived and what has happened to them over the years.Serial numbers will help to identify and link the histories of the bikes.

Database of KTTs

I have a database of all KTTs,based upon the factory records and am attempting to establish how many have survived.
Engine number, Frame number, Gearbox number, Invoice date, Dealer and Country are all listed. I have created a column for the current owner and Country.
For current owners, I am happy to provide what information I have but do not give out information otherwise. It is felt that to do so would be to invite builders of replicas to 'fill in the gaps'.
I would be pleased to receive information about surviving machines but only seek to know the current owner and their Country